Shipping Containers: Ideal Dry, Secure, and Safe Storage For Businesses.

In recent years, shipping containers have gained popularity as an economical, secure, and adaptable storage choice for businesses.

25th November 2023

Shipping containers provide a versatile, affordable, and secure way to store goods and equipment. In this blog post, we will explore why shipping containers are the perfect dry, secure, and safe storage solution for businesses.

Dry storage

1. One of the main advantages of using a shipping container for storage is that it provides a dry environment for your goods. Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep the contents dry, making them perfect for storing items that are sensitive to moisture. This is particularly important for businesses that deal with products that can be damaged by dampness, such as paper, textiles, electronics, and food products.

Secure storage

2. Security is another important factor when it comes to storage. Shipping containers are made of heavy-duty steel and are incredibly difficult to break into, making them a secure storage solution for businesses. Additionally, shipping containers can have a lockbox fitted to provide extra security covering your padlock. All of our One Trip Shipping Containers have lockboxes fitted as standard.

Safe storage

3. Shipping containers are also a safe storage solution for businesses. They are fire-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as high winds and heavy snowfall. Additionally, many shipping containers come with ventilation systems that help to regulate the temperature and prevent the buildup of moisture, ensuring that your goods are stored in a safe environment. At Container for Homes our 20ft One Trip containers have a minimum of 14 vents as standard. 

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