8ft Hazardous Chemical Storage Containers

Chemical storage containers are designed for storage of a variety of products and commonly come with a bunded floor (sunken floor that will catch any spills) and low and high-level vents to allow escaped gasses to vent. We also have insulated ranges that can help limit temperature fluctuations.

  • 8ft long x 7ft 2 wide x 7ft 4 high
  • Chemical storage containers
  • Designed and built to BASIS/H&S standards for storage of a variety of products
  • 257 litre bund with galvanized grid floor and outlet valve
  • Vented at floor and roof level to allow for the escape of hazardous gasses
  • 6 Tonne max payload
  • Fork pockets
  • High security lock box (padlock cover)

Depending on your requirements we may be able to offer alternative specs and suggestions including used, refurbished or other made to order options.